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A blog site that is dedicated to Home/Cooking/Computers/Internet/Searching, can have only one interpretation and that is it is a site that is dedicated to the domestic environment. The topics of course are far reaching and Internet and Searching are applicable to commercial scenarios also. However, for the purpose of our blog site we have limited our scope to the residential setting only.

A snap shot of our site with specific references to the niches that we cover will help explain the purpose of our site further.

Our first category is Home which is unlimited in scale and scope. We have blogs on our site that detail out every aspect of the domestic setting – from gardening to home decor, to energy saving measures to home security automation. Our blogs also offer valuable tips on home maintenance issues like roof gutter cleaning and home renovation techniques.

Cooking covers guidelines on healthy cooking, nutrients to include in daily diet and fats to avoid, shopping for the right ingredients and most importantly use of the right pots and pans. Strange as the last might sound, did you know that by using non-stick utensils it is possible to substantially reduce oil quantities for cooking? Our blogs extensively cover all these points.

So far as Computers/Internet/Searching is considered, most members of any family including school going kids are usually tech savvy and are well conversant with desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones and their functions. Browsing the Internet and searching online for products and services today has now become an integral part of life. However our blogs cover unique topics like the origins of the Internet, the first room sized computers and techniques that optimises online searches.

All blogs posted on our site are rich in news, information and updates and very reliable. This is because our team of writers comprises of bloggers who are experts in the niches that we cover with firsthand experience in their respective fields.

Browse our blog site and you will surely keep coming back for more.